I am a trial consultant and mediator, based in Dallas, Texas and practicing throughout the United States.   

Before leaving the full-time practice of law, I spent 17 years representing both plaintiffs and defendants in a broad array of litigation matters throughout Texas and the United States. My diverse practice involved matters such as complex commercial disputes, professional liability claims, insurance coverage and bad faith, construction disputes, products and premises liability, employment disputes and transportation litigation. Within Texas, I appeared in matters venued in numerous federal district courts and in state district courts in approximately 40 different counties.  Outside of Texas, I represented litigants in matters filed in 13 different states.

As a Principal Consultant with American Jury Centers and AJC Consulting, I am fortunate to have become a highly sought-after expert in assisting litigants with the preparation of key witnesses for testimony and the development of juror-focused trial strategies and tactics. My work as a consultant frequently involves the overall development of dispute resolution plans built upon carefully tailored focus group and mock trial studies. I have also developed a specialty in summarizing complex, industry-specific issues using elegantly simple, lay-friendly storytelling with which juries and other decision makers can readily identify.

As a mediator with Gilbert Mediation Group in Dallas, Texas, I utilize my unique experience, insight and skills as a litigation consultant and former trial attorney to assist litigants to identify the strengths and weaknesses in their cases, to evaluate their best alternatives to a negotiated resolution, and to work together toward a mutually acceptable resolution of their disputes. I am a hard-working and proactive intermediary who involves himself in the parties’ negotiations from retention through resolution.

Collaborate.  Communicate.  Connect. This is my core objective in every engagement. To collaborate with my clients. To assist them in their ability to communicate their truth, their story as clearly and powerfully as possible. And to help them connect with jurors, judges, other litigants or any other intended audience in order to achieve their objectives.



I received a B.A. from the University of Arizona (1993) and a J.D. from the Southern Methodist University School of Law (1997).

Affiliations & Publications

I am a member of the American Society of Trial Consultants and the Texas Association of Mediators. I am a co-author of WITNESS PREPARATION: A MANUAL FOR ATTORNEYS (Campo, Simon, Betanzos; Create Space 2011) and WITNESS COMMUNICATION TRAINING: HELPING WITNESSES LEARN TO DELIVER AND DEFEND THE TRUTH UNDER ADVERSE EXAMINATION (Simon, Betanzos, Campo; Create Space 2016).