As a member of Gilbert Mediation Group, I handle mediations for parties involved in a wide variety of litigation, in addition to  pre-suit dispute resolution. I chose GMG because Mark Gilbert is one of the finest and most seasoned mediators in the State of Texas. It is a privilege to work alongside such a highly-respected professional. With GMG as my platform, I am available to litigants throughout Texas and the United States.

My approach to the mediation process begins before the mediation itself ever begins.  I prefer to speak with counsel before mediation - either on the phone, via videoconference, or in person - and to review position statements and case materials in order to gain a complete understanding the parties’ dispute, their respective strengths and weaknesses, and their perceived goals and expectations from the negotiation process. This is undoubtedly an evaluative mediation exercise - I bring my unique experience as a litigation consultant and former trial attorney to the dialogue in an effort to assist the parties to better evaluate their best alternative to a negotiated resolution of the dispute. I believe this aids in simplifying sometimes complex issues and providing counsel and litigants alike with insights and creative alternatives that break stalemates and promote further negotiations. I make it a practice to remain engaged with the parties following any mediation session that does not result in a complete resolution, continuing to challenge them additional ideas and to help ensure that all avenues are fully explored.

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