Trial Consulting

I'm proud to call Allan Campo and Stuart Simon, AJC's founders, my partners.  They are two of the finest and most sought after trial consultants in the United States. Among their many areas of expertise, Allan has singlehandedly revolutionized the science of witness communication training and preparation of witnesses to make truthful, accurate and powerful testimony, and Stuart has developed an unparalleled system for case evaluation and strategic development through jury research. As a team, our ultimate goal in each engagement is to utilize these tools to assist our clients - litigants and their attorneys - in positioning their cases for a successful resolution.

I began working with Allan and Stuart in 2006, engaging with them in extensive study of communication science, persuasion theory, and the human-behavior aspects of litigation and jury trials.  As a result of that study and my prior experience as a trial lawyer, I have a unique understanding of the communication challenges in every aspect of complex litigation, including the identification and development of trial themes, preparation of key fact and corporate representative witnesses for deposition and trial testimony, and the effective presentation of technical evidence through expert witnesses and demonstrative aids.

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